i fucking hate everything

im so tired of everyone being like "you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it!<3!!!" like no, i cant. i cant go to fucking space, i cant solve world hunger, i cant predict the future. so please just keep it to yourself. anyways, welcome to the ramblings or a mad woman!! good luck!


yes, i've tried to end my life, but who hasnt? its 2020 sisters, if you dont want to kill yourself then you probably dont know what is happening.

i think to date my most notable suicide attemp would have been 13/4/2019. im still angry at myself for not finishing the job. At first i tried to slit my ankles, but that wasnt enough so i made a scalding hot bath and tried to drown myself. i felt like, and still feel like, shit. but i think i'll stick around for a bit longer. although, 2020 is either the year i thrive or the year i finally snap.

go home, kid.